About MF

The Minority Front is a socio-political party with a purpose to participate within the true principles of democracy. The Minority Front (MF) wants, not only to receive benefits from South Africa, but to work for them. Therefore, we insist that affirmative action policies include the disadvantaged minorities, because sound economic and political justice is ensured through honesty, responsibility and respect for the rule of law.

The MF believes that equality is the mother of justice and must be exercised unconditionally, irrespective of race, class, creed, age, gender and status.Superficial use of pro-human rights in the constitution must be avoided at all costs by leaders in our country, therefore we strongly reject the use of race tokenism to manipulate the economical, socio-cultural and political system.The MF stands for meaningful co-operation. We strongly believe that tolerance leads to peaceful co-existence. Our long-term vision is to evolve into an umbrella body, addressing the unique needs of minorities all over S.A.

Why is The MF Distinct From Other Parties?

  • The MF skillfully negotiates using quiet diplomacy for the people we serve.
  • The MF does not promote any group along ethnic or other lines, but if anyone is prejudiced or disadvantaged because he or she belongs to a particular group, it is the policy of the MF to oppose such unfair action.
  • We believe, demographic factors must be considered, because national majorities become minorities in a defined demographic area and vice versa.

Why Vote For The MF?

  • The MF with Mr. A. Rajbansi (Bengal Tiger), as leader, will fearlessly, voice your concerns at all government levels making you the people, a powerful minority within the majority.
  • The power and effectiveness of minorities lies in their united vote which will strengthen our fight to bring about true justice and equality for all.
  • People will only vote for a party capable of expressing their concerns.
  • South Africans are looking to a “strong leader” compared to “democracy is always best”. Mr. Rajbansi is one of South Africa’s most tenacious, resilient politicians known as a “Political Survivor”.
  • Minority movements are an international phenomenon and it is a known fact the success of any democracy is dependent on the manner in which minority communities are accommodated.

The Effectiveness of Minorities

  • Minority votes can hold the balance of power by having your own, true voice, in parliament.
  • Minority rights are human rights that are internationally entrenched by various declarations and conventions, therefore minorities have nothing to fear. All they need to have is good, strong leadership.

The Relevance of a Minority Movement To The New South Africa

We who have lived in the old S.A. and now in the new S.A. need to educate our children about history and revise our knowledge on minority groups along with that of the majority. This would certainly change attitudes towards racial arrogance!

The MF Principle

The protection of minorities and groups is always built on one principle: “the absence of discrimination and inequality”. We seek co-operation between races so that we can build a sense of lasting unity in South Africa.

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