Voter Education

Latest Information From The IEC

Voters Roll

  • If you have registered to vote in previous elections, you are eligible to vote in this election.
  • If you have moved residence recently then you would have had to inform the IEC to change your change your address in the voters roll. However, if you did not do this then vote at your old voting station.

Election Day

On election day carry the following to the voting station:

  • Your green, bar-coded 13 digit ID book
  • Ensure that your ID has a zip code or IEC registration slip in it.

You will be given 2 ballot papers for Ethekwini Metro or 3 ballot papers for all other areas

  • One ballot for Ward (To elect councillor to represent your ward)
  • One ballot for Proportional Representation (To elect party to local municipality)
  • One ballot for District Council ( to elect party to district municipality)

When voting make sure that you vote on 2 ballot papers.

NOTE: Persons under 18 years who may be registered on the voters roll are not be allowed to vote. Only person’s 18 years and older on the day of the election are allowed to vote.

Voting Station Times: 7am to 7pm

General Points to Remember

The IEC toll free number to check if you or your friends or family members are registered is: 0800 11 8000.

Do not be fooled by sms’s or telephone calls or small stickers and identity cards or any application form forcing you to vote for a particular party because “YOUR VOTE IS YOUR SECRET” – NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU VOTE FOR.

Go out and vote because your power lies in your vote, if a party lets you down, change to another party.

Remember vote MF on both ballot papers, because Mrs S Thakur-Rajbansi, the leader of the Minority Front fights tirelessly for all people especially minorities, wherever you may be.

Minorities should always hold the balance of Power to negotiate their needs.