Minority Front Policies

Stand Up And Be Counted For Political Rights

  • Registered to vote from 16 years and over.
  • Vote on election day, if 18 years and older.
  • Vote for a party and member you know.
  • More visible policemen/policewomen on the beat.
  • Better salaries and more improved working conditions for police officers.
  • More patrol vehicles.
  • Increased resources for Community Police Forums.
  • Reinstatement of the death penalty for serious offenders including rapists and murderers.
  • Transform laws to favor victims more than criminals.
  • Fast track transformation of the Justice System.
  • Motion for standalone Rape Law in SA

Stand Up And All Be Counted In Our Fight For MORE JOBS For ALL

  • Support any initiative to create real jobs within the next five years, thereby reducing unemployment, poverty and crime
  • Minority communities of South African origin must be beneficiaries of job creation initiatives
  • Minorities must not be sidelined through unfair application of affirmative action policies.

Stand Up And Be Counted For Our Fight For BETTER EDUCATION For ALL

  • Affordable school fees through increased subsidies
  • Employ more teachers to reduce pupil: teacher ratio
  • Improve school conditions to create a conducive environment to enhance the quality of education
  • Provision must be made for schools to cater for children with disabilities
  • Empower School Governing Bodies to strengthen community relations
  • Abolish schools classification/ questionnaire system
  • Tertiary education must be accessible to all, more FET’s
  • Government bursaries for needy students must not be race based
  • Introduce school nutrition to all schools
  • Funding must be provided to ECD (Early Childhood Development) programs and facilities in communities
  • Race based quotas for tertiary institutions must be scrapped.

Stand Up And Be Counted In Our Fight For Protection And Promotion Of Language, Religion And Culture

  • Ensure, through legislation, that all South Africans, irrespective of race, sex or creed, are able to practice and promote their religion and cultural tradition freely
  • Land must be made available for place of worship
  • Provision must be made to ensure that eastern languages of minorities are taught at schools where the need exists
  • Language teachers must be permanently employed like all other teachers.
  • Coastal space must be allocated for sea worship.
  • Religious holidays must be accommodated.

Stand Up And Be Counted In Our Fight To Improve Social Grants And Pension For All

  • Pension and grant applications must be speedily processed
  • Increase social grant limit in keeping in with the inflation – R2000 – for 2014
  • The Child Support Grant must be extended, up to 18 years of age
  • Pensioners and grantees living below the breadline, irrespective of where they live, should enjoy free basic services
  • The means test should be revised, to include women married in COP
  • All pensioners should qualify for their pension in respect of their spouse’s income.

Stand Up And Be Counted In Our Fight For HOUSING For All

  • Backlog must be addressed through the provision of more middle income housing
  • Immediate creation of a database of all home seekers and fresh housing lists
  • Increase housing subsidies
  • Increase access to home loans

Stand Up And Be Counted In Our Fight For A Healthy ENVIRONMENT

  • Good environmental governance, information system and compliance monitoring and enforcement of various legislation and regulation will lead to sustainable utilisation and protection
  • MF believes in the “Polluter pays principle, rights of access to information and environmental justice for the people
  • Industries need to clean up their technology and follow the precautionary principles w.r.t Air Quality
  • People must be educated about the environment to make empowered decisions as role players.

Stand Up And Be Counted In Our Fight Against HIV/AIDS

  • HIV/Aids must be made a notifiable disease
  • KAB theory: knowledge to change attitude which will change behavior is the key to eradicate this scourge
  • One stop – crises centres to be set up in all hospitals to counsel victims of rape, affected and infected persons
  • Train more people for home-based care
  • Design a hospice model of care
  • Invest more money in research locally to find a vaccine to cure HIV/AIDS.
  • Give more scholarships to study TB & HIV/AIDS

Stand Up And Be Counted In Our Fight Against POVERTY

  • We must change institutions and policies to eradicate poverty
  • We need to prioritise key issues and do preventative, performance based budgetary
  • Set up a well-coordinated, multi sectoral, socio-economic integration policy (social cohesion)
  • We need to utilise indigenous, cost effective knowledge, especially rurally
  • Urban poverty needs specific poverty reduction efforts e.g. job creation – setting up institutional mechanisms for poverty eradication programs.
  • Reduce the gap between the rich and poor
  • Do not adversely include people in the economy.

Stand Up And Be Counted By Fighting Unfair AFFIRMATIVE Implementation

  • Black is a generic term and in the constitution it refers to African, Coloured and Indian
  • Sunset clause of 2014 must be implemented.
  • AA must be scrapped or in the least suspended for the next 10 years to achieve NDP 2030.
    Stand up and be counted in our fight to protect MINORITY RIGHTS
  • Ensure that no minority groups with roots in South Africa should be marginalised or sidelined through any policy of government
  • Ensure that minority rights, as enshrined in the country’s constitution is protected
  • Ensure the establishment for a minority affairs ministry
  • Ensure the establishment of a Minority’s Commission.

Stand Up And Be Counted For ECONOMIC RIGHTS

  • BBBEEE must be implemented as per sound SCM principals
  • Indians are classified black as per constitution
  • Fight against unfair quotas at university, affirmative action implementation with all economic development programs and policies which side line minorities.

Last updated 16 September 2014