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Quick Facts

  • Current number of members: 120 000
  • Province of origin: KZN
  • Most intresting fact: Promotes and develops civil society movements

Contact Details

  • Contact person: Mrs Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi
  • E-mail address:
  • Tel number: 083 777 8501
  • Fax number: 031 404 9059
  • Facebook page name:
  • Twitter handle: @ShameenRajbansi
  • Website address:

Who Is The Parties Presidential Elect?

Mrs Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

How Did The Political Party Originate?

Founded by Mr Amichand Rajbansi in 1993, based on UN resolutions that Minority Rights are human rights and democracies have to accommodate all minorities. The New South Africa in transition and transformation would require a voice in government for minorities

What Are The Main Policies Of The Political Party?

  1. Be a watchdog for and intervene when policies, programs and laws side-line minorities.
  2. Grants to be increased to R2000 with a new widows support grant.
  3. Establish a Minorities Ministry and Minorities Commission.
  4. Scrap Affirmative Action and University Quotas and job quotas
  5. Preserve minorities’ culture and identity.

What Would The Political Party Do Re-Elected?

  1. Adopt a new independent oversight model for parliament for accountability.
  2. Invest in public participation tools and mechanisms by designing a Public Participation value chain for each department.
  3. Re-instate the death penalty after ensuring that our medico-legal and forensic directorate is resourced and legislative and constitutional amendments take place.
  4. Establish a credible National movement against corruption.
  5. Establish strong civic forums to engage with decision makers for proper service delivery.

Last update 22 April 2014

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