Matric Exams 2023 Message From MF Leader

Minority Front

Topic: Matric Exams Requires Memory

If each learner and parent understands that good memory is most important to pass any exam then half our battle is won. Therefore, conducive studying environment means getting rid of clutter so that studying is done in an organized environment.

Learners must follow a study time-table that includes enough time for rest, relaxation, sleep and eating. All these depend on your learning pace but more than studying quickly it is true that, remembering facts is an art that the brain can be trained to do.

The human brain is a library and can store loads of information. For this major exam focus on what’s in your study guides and past year papers.

Find techniques to memorize lots of facts and theories or theorems. I found pnemnonics the easiest way to remember chunks of facts. Use all five senses to study: taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. Practice strengthening the use of a photographic memory: meaning use mind-mapping, drawings, pictures or colour-coding to remember facts. Remember to use pnemnonics that mean something special to you then you will be able to recall and pass comfortably.

Our brains are amazing and we must use it to its fullest while at the same time the rest of our organs, especially the heart and lungs must also be used to control any anxiety so that we can concentrate and take in the required information.
Do a health check daily to ensure ear, nose, mouth and eyes are cleaned of any blockages. Do breathing exercises, walk often to circulate the blood. Wear comfortable clothes and ensure good lighting. Visit your local doctor, psychologist, pharmacist, physiotherapist or chiropractor if you require help with your general well-being. Get a stationery pack together for exam use only.

Visit your priest for counselling to pray to God for guidance. We are simply spirit souls so we need to connect with the divine and God loves children, so God will help you. I and other well-wishers will pray for you all. Families need to pray together as well, as this motivates the learner and strengthens their resolve to face any challenges that comes their way with courage and ease.

The reality is that our school curriculum is loaded and can be so over-burdening. But the human brain is far more capable than we imagine to deal with information overload if we use good techniques to study.

Learners must use the principles of pnemnonics and rules for controlled association of like for like material to master memory capacity and capability. Such learners’ become confident, grow their imagination, improve creativity and improve their perceptual skills.

These techniques will rescue any learner. Other techniques are the use of phonetics, number rhyme method, value method, landmarks or land mark events, keyword method, clue method for vocabulary and link method for formulae.

Finally, each learner and their parent’s must ensure that they do a final checklist for exams. Use noticeboards or planners.
Organize yourselves, ensure time effectiveness, stop worrying, think positively, use study breaks, focused reading on major points and avoid excessive stimulants such as coffee, tea and stay-awake tablets.

Learners need to stop worrying and use their mind power to get the results they want. Therefore, visualize success and always remember happy thoughts, music and pleasant atmospheres so that any tenseness goes away. This also means that you have to act happy, cheerful, dance even to relieve stress.

In these ways your imagination can make it happen for you to give success in your matric examinations.

All the best and God bless.

Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi
MPL KZN Legislature
Leader of the Minority Front

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