MF Gets the Work Done

LEFT: The state in which the side walk was in. RIGHT: MF representative, Ms Sushmitha Budhayee with members of the Crestview Primary School and municipal workers

The Minority Front was approached by members of the Crestview Primary SGB to assist with clearing the side walks, as it had become a problem for learners. The MF reported the community and learner concerns with respect to the terrible conditions on Lemuria Grove leading to Crestview Primary. The MF got the desired results. A member of the Crestview Primary school thanked the Minority Front saying; “On behalf of the governing body of Crestview Primary school I would like to thank the Minority Front for all their help in getting the side walk on Lemuria Grove cleaned up our learners can now walk to and from school safely” It is also unacceptable that the municipality does not service our areas regularly like they do neighbouring townships. We call on the community to report issues they’re facing to our offices in Unit 6 by contacting the secretary on 0678332958. We also thank community activists who are aware of the surroundings and the dangers posed to residents. The MF will address these in the council.


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