MF Makes Roads Roadworthy for Residents

Minority Front representative, Mr Pradhil Koblall on Kapota Street and Trisula Avenue

The Minority Front and its representatives have always been ensuring that residents have roads which are safe to travel on. Mr P Koblall continues to serve the community of Chatsworth although he was not elected as the ward councillor.

We thank the community for having faith in us and coming with your problems to us. Residents of the Arena Park area came forward requesting for assistance regarding the potholes, overgrown grass and streetlights. Mr P Koblall and his team made sure that the potholes on Kapota street and the corner of Trisula avenue and Rose height road were repaired ensuring the road is safe for residents to use.

Residents may contact the Road department on 080 131 3013 to report potholes. If you are unable to do so, please contact the MF offices for assistance. The MF calls the community to contact its Constituency office on 067 833 2958. It is the MF that actually gets things done.


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