1st ANC Motion

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  1. The Minority Front welcomes the ANC motion on National Environment Month
    celebrated from 2015 notwithstanding World Environment Day 05 June was declared
    such by the United Nations in 1972.
  2. In 2022, 50 years later we must ask, “Has the developed countries considered their
    economic activities impact on climate change, the price we as developing countries
    have to pay currently?
  3. For South Africa, more strategizing should have been done e.g., June is summer in
    the West and a good time to greening activities but its midwinter in South Africa,
    hence we celebrate Heritage month and Arbor Week in September when spring is at
    its height and we can get maximum people participation. Therefore, we must adopt
    these international days according to our seasons and climate as June is Youth month
    and should not be undermined.
  4. Ideally, therefore we should be celebrating National Environment Month in
  5. Our focus should be the 17 SDGs 2030, half of which are climate related. We have
    conditional grants in Agriculture to rehabilitate the environment and soil being our
    biggest ecosystem is under threat yet the Land Care Grant is underspent annually,
    making KZN vulnerable to droughts and floods.
  6. As South Africans we need to form practical partnerships with champions who are
    saving the soil like Sadguru of the Isha Foundation and others who are planting trees
    in KZN or saving the oceans.
  7. We need to bring back organised local subsistence for food security; this means
    releasing land to vulnerable citizens who have indigenous knowledge to farm.
  8. We need to keep corporates in check who produce mass food that is not the
    healthiest and review their labelling claims.
  9. Whilst we wait for a fullyfledged disaster management plan and climate change, we
    need to protect our oceans and include prayer as an activity e.g., the Shembe and
    Hindus regard the ocean as spiritual and government must be an enabler for such
  10. A preventative focus for deepening environmental awareness Hon. Members, means
    going beyond the science, therefore a spiritual awareness of Gods creations is
    imperative to law and regulationmaking.
  11. The Minority Front supports this motion with these suggestions.


Debated by: Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority Front Leader (KZN Legislature)

Date: Thu 15 Sep 2022

Time: 08:30 to 14:00

Word Count: 362 Words

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