Debate on the Health Budget

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  1. Hon.MEC, the MF thanks you for this budget speech.
  2. As this is your maiden speech, the Minority Front brings the following to your attention :
  3. Currently the future of private healthcare is looking ill in South Africa, whilst even the R6 billion incremental increase in the 2019/20 public healthcare budget in KZN will only take care of part Litigation contingency costs as cases are finalised, meaning that its time to fast-track the NHI.
  4. The IALCH, PPP arrangement needs detailing Hon.MEC, for members to know about the phasing out of the agreement as alluded to by the Hon.Premier.
  5. Hon.MEC, In terms of infrastructure; What about expanding MGH like the original plan was. It is about time a KZN health institutions transformation plan is required, by the end of this year for all facilities, so that we can take stock of what we have, to start engaging the private sector on PPP or complete privatisation of some of our facilities and the creation of more step down healthcare facilities e.g.: for drug rehabilitation or for recuperating patients in order to reduce the bed occupancy rate in most hospitals. This will assist in KZN’s NHI roll-out.
  6. The current budget presentation has a fresh look and follows the WHO priority areas, however it is equally important that we must track budget provisions for stressors, such as infection control, disease outbreaks such as Ebola, Swine flu, Listeriosis: the 28th July yesterday, being World Hepatitis Day.
  7. Hon.MEC, the neglected area of budgeting for genetics needs attention. We need mother and child hospitals and should identify changing a few current facilities for this. What happened to the Newcastle Mother and Child Hospital. Hon.MEC, please make this a landmark success, if we are to achieve SDG3.
  8. In terms of Human Resource capacitation, the MF believes that the position of hospital CEO’s i.e. CEO definition and salary, requires professionals with a medical degree and MBA. Medical law should be an elective in medical degrees, as well as, alternative medicine.
  9. The recent swift removal of Dr Subban from RKK was not well received by the Chatsworth community. He has always been helpful in my interaction with him. Medical care, Hon.members in any institution is a team effort, hence the MF asks for the return of Dr Subban and an oversight visit by the portfolio committee together with the Hon.MEC and senior officials to the hospital. Notwithstanding this, recently I interacted with Phoenix residents who were happy with the turn-a-round intervention at MGH and Addington. Many thanks Hon.MEC.
  10. The MF wants a review of dysfunctional hospital boards and the Health ombudsman. We should do away with these and instead have a bonafide, skilled, well-funded and structured District Health Board in all 11 Districts.
  11. With these recommendations, the MF hopes to achieve an NHI model that drives efficiencies in terms of costs and efficacy both in the treatment and outcomes for all patients without compromising the quality of patient care.
  12. Hon.Members these broad but sweeping changes epitomise predictable, open and enlightened health policy-making, together with the Human Resource Capacitation Grant, we can have healthcare bureaucrats and workers with a professional ethos in the furtherance of the public good, the rule of Law, transparent processes and a strong civil society who diligently participate in health affairs.
  13. With these words the MF supports the Health Budget of R45 billion rands.
  14. Thank you.

HON.S. Thakur-Rajbansi


Debated by: Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority Front Leader (KZN Legislature)

Date: Tue 30 Jul 2019

Time: 09:00 to 18:55

Word Count: 572 Words

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