Debate on the Office of the Premier Budget

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  1. Hon. Premier, with limited time, the MF wishes to express our concern on the following with recommendations:
    1. Hon. Premier, you are passionate about youth empowerment. Last year, during the lockdown many virtual events were held but it is important for all Hon. members to be invited to be inclusive so that we can promote optimism. A report is required.
    2. In terms of institutional development and policy coordination, your office is the vanguard. Therefore, we can never get rid of corruption unless we address its causes. The fraud and risk directorate in your office is under-resourced yet our contingency reserves are being eaten into to fund corruption as we cannot finalise cases timeously due to lack of critical staff in this unit. The slogan ‘I do right when no one is looking’ remains a slogan because the busiest committees remains SCOPA and now the Adhoc Committee on Investigations.
    3. Hon. Premier all government officials need continuous training in Ethics, governance and staff need mentoring and coaching.
    4. We need the consolidation of various Boards and representatives of merit who understand the role of board directorship.
    5. The Public-Private partnership and Commercialisation strategies, a model for these needs to be fast-tracked by the Office of the Premier.
    6. Other issues will be covered in the remaining budget sessions.
  2. The MF supports this budget with the above recommendations.
  3. Thank you.

Hon. S. Thakur-Rajbansi


Debated by: Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority Front Leader (KZN Legislature)

Date: Mon 14 Jun 2021

Time: 09:30 to 17:00

Word Count: 232 Words

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