Debate on SCOPA

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Honourable Speaker, the chair of SCOPA, Honourable M Govender has managed to lessen the resolution if that comes to the Honourable House.

  1. Many recurring issues, usually transversal in nature, point to the centralisation of post filling and the monatorium thereof.
  2. Furthermore, transversal resolutions affect many dysfunctional boards, therefore should we not have a separate workshop on the transformation and realignment of boards for efficiency.
  3. In terms of performance information unreliability, identifying that the performance management system is inadequate and that record keeping is poor is only half the problem, hopefully the Accounting Officers have an effective plan and this was not ready by the 31st January 2018 but hopeful;;y by 30th April the Minority Front recommendation is that, we require monitoring and evaluation to be institutionalized in all departments by recruiting appropriate specialist skills or training existing staff and M & E skills must be explicitly referred to in the strategic plans of all departments.
  4. Honourable Members, only M&E Managers in the public sector can set up an M&E system, manage it and produce results required for M&E from it.
  5. This Honourable Chair should start featuring as a transversal resolution, if the SCOPA Report needs to become thinner in the outer financial years.
  6. Thank You


Debated by: Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority Front Leader (KZN Legislature)

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