eThekwini Full Council Meeting

  1. Speaker, while the Minority Front welcomes this report and the sterling efforts of the municipal employees and the private sector does not go unnoticed, there is a conspicuous absence of a report on the activities of the city’s land invasion unit which did a good job recently in Durban North, the richer part of Durban, but showed no humanity to the people in Chatsworth when they demolished illegal extensions of their homes compounding the city’s housing problem in the wake of a natural disaster.
  2. At the same time there are residents in some areas like Asherville for example, who claim no one from the municipality came out to even assess the damages.
  3. The Minority Front calls on the city to act responsibly in all parts of eThekwini and not just some.
  4. I thank you, Speaker

Cllr S. Maharaj
eThekwini PR Councillor
Minority Front

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