Freedom Day 2018

Posted in: on 26/04/2018

  1. Hon, Speaker, the Minority Front welcomes this year’s 2018 Freedom Day Theme “The Year of Nelson Mandela” “United for Radical Economic Transformation”
  2. I want to state at the outset that, “Freedom is not free”.
  3. The only free right we have is the right to vote.
  4. We are not economically or socially free.
  5. A has one of the highest rates of crime, corruption, rapes and gender inequality, all because of our huge economic inequality.
  6. The MF supports Radical Economic Transformation but we believe that to deconstruct many deep divisions and concreted wealth, we need to free women and make male dominated spaces, equal opportunity spaces for women of colour.
  7. In this way, women, like they moved mountains to get political freedom, will use their resilience and productivity to redress imbalances, in fair and equitable ways, with reasoned radical Economic Transformation.
  8. Apart from a comprehensive Security framework for the vulnerable, we need a comprehensive Economic Framework for the previously marginalized and the major focus must be our free education, land redistribution and entrepreneurship with private sector incubation.
  9. As, I stated freedom is not free; each of us, has to pay a price for our history.

Happy Freedom Day for tomorrow.

Thank you

S. Thakur-Rajbansi

Time: 12:00-13:00

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