MF Press Statement: Will Culture and Religion Help Shape a Better Society?

Mrs  S. Thakur Rajbansi stated that June 16th once again reminds us of the many sacrifices made by young people in order to attain our freedom.

We will sing the praise of heroes like Hector Peterson and the hundreds of others whose “sunset was drenched with blood” as they fought against an unjust government and education system; and while we remember the invaluable sacrifices made and remain thankful for the successes that were brought with it, this generation has its own set of demons to fight.

Alcohol and drug abuse is wreaking havoc and ravaging our society faster than the black plague. Crime statistics are at an all time high, and perhaps there are more young people today, who are in conflict with the law, than there ever was in the history of our country.  The education system fails to prepare the grade 12 school leaver for the labour market and youth unemployment is soaring to unreachable peaks. Unfortunately, governments attempts with the Expanded Public Works Programme  and the Youth Wage tax incentive has not had the desired impact and the Youth Employment Accord has made little if any move towards bridging the gameplan in economic emancipation.

According to the Global Entrepreneur Monitor, younger people are likely to fail in the economic sector if they hail from a background, absent of a cultural or religious structure. It is proven that persons who remain committed to some sort of scriptural and traditional skeleton, stay focused and possess traits of perseverance and consistence.

Throughout history, religion and tradition have been the mould that shapes and paves the way for a brighter future. It has inculcated a spirit of tolerance and cohesion amongst otherwise violent communities. It has taught that we should raise our arguments, not our weapons. It has advocated that hard work and dedication produces stability. In a world of war and calamity, religious and a cultured, sober mind, enhances character and makes moral regeneration a norm.

As we celebrate moving our nation forward, we should invest more time and energy into cultural and religious practices that call for peace and harmony; for equality and freedom. This will produce a generation that does not discriminate against race, gender, sexuality or creed.  The MF calls for the scrapping of all race-based legislation, so that the youth can triumph in a diverse South African society, as truly born-frees.

Jonathan Annipen



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