Opinion Piece: Minority Front Supports Ivermectin

Posted in: on 18/01/2021

Hon. S. Thakur-Rajbansi, Leader of the Minority Front and Pharmacist by profession supports the registration of Ivermectin for human use in South Africa, given the overwhelming evidence of its success rate on treating COVID-19 patients globally.

The drug is registered for human consumption in many countries but is only registered currently for animal use in South Africa.

Amongst the essential drugs list on the WHO, Ivermectin features amongst the top drugs amongst Aspirin and Penicillin. Ivermectin is cost effective and needed by patients who cannot access private healthcare in South Africa but are demanding access to Ivermectin because it works as per metastudy data.

The MF calls on SAHPRA.

Currently the NIH in the US has approved the use of Ivermectin which is widely used to treat and control parasites, therefore our government has no excuse to register Ivermectin for human use.

The MF has also asked the Chair of the Health Portfolio Committee in the KZN Legislature to put this item on the agenda for discussion. As members of Parliament we have the power to address the Department of Health on our concerns, people’s needs and valid, cost-effective treatment options for people to treat COVID-19, given that South Africa will phase in the vaccination of people over the next three years. Yet, people are dying currently who will only be targeted for vaccination in the third phase, approximately by 2023.

The MF appreciates that India is amongst the first country’s S.A will be getting its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines called COVAX however India also has a triple regime, cheap ($2.65) COVID-19 pack called Ziverdo Kit consisting of Zinc tablets, Doxycycline Capsules and Ivermectin which has been used effectively. This home COVID-19 kit should be brought in as well for our citizens.

Finally, the MF expresses our deepest condolences to families who have lost loved ones. This includes our heartfelt gratitude to our frontline healthcare workers, educators and police personnel who risk their lives daily to protect our people.

Thank you.

Hon Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi
Leader of the Minority Front
KZN Legislature MPL

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