Youth Parliament Debate 2022

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Theme: “Promoting Sustainable Livelihood and Resilience of Young People for a Better Tomorrow”

  1. Hon. Speaker and delegates; as we cherish the prime of our youth, the Minority Front calls on the government to actually listen to the voice of our youth.
  2. Madiba, the father of our Nation, whom I met on a few occasions said, “ We should lay the scourge of racism to rest”.
  3. Thirty years into democracy, born-frees need government commitment to scrap race-based laws.
  4. MF focus areas this youth day are:
    1. Scrapping Affirmative Action Policy due to 2014 sunset clause: It’s now almost 30 years and affects born-frees, like myself. AA quotas are race- based and affecting minority youth adversely for education seats; housing needs, government job and other opportunities.
    2. Age discrepancies for youth: UN – 15 to 24 years SA – 15 to 34 years SA Constitution – children are up to 18 years SA Policies prescribe -: School age : up to 21 years Drinking : from 18 years Parenthood : from 10 years Hence, South African stats is of concern to real unemployment figures and various development indicators. The MF recommends that: The legal age for drinking should be increased to above 21 years because there is growing anti-social behaviour, school violence and drop-outs. Parenthood and marriage should be over 18 years, at the least.
      Furthermore, Army service for boys should be mandatory to shape and discipline youth.
    3.  Unemployment: First quarter of 2022 stands at 34,5 %, however this takes into account from 15 up to 24-year-olds who are still in the education system. Hence, the MF calls for unemployment figures above 24 years old. Unemployment can only be resolved by strong public-private partnerships in the form of learnerships because as youth we need to be mentored and obtain ‘on the job’ skills.
  5. Hon. members, we need concerted efforts to legislate equal opportunities based on merit and one’s economic classification. Government statistics must be reliable to encourage work seekers. Mandatory army service will discipline the youth as parents are neglecting their responsibilities.
    South Africa’s new jobs ‘quota system’ for foreigners will impact the already vulnerable minority youth.
  6. Hence, South Africa needs to be saved by capable youth who understand our NDP 2030 blueprint. This can only be achieved by untying the hands of minority youth who want to work with the majority as ours is a colour-less world.
  7. Happy Youth Day All.
  8. Thank you.


Debated by: Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority Front Leader (KZN Legislature)

Date: Fri 17 Jun 2022

Word Count: 398 Words

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