Congratulations KZN Premier and Government

Congratulations KZN Premier and Government

The recent epidemic of killings of Christian students in a Kenya university has sparked outrage with the global Christian Community. These attacks by so-called Islamic terrorist must be treated with the disparagement and condescension it deserves. The ignominious murders, execution style, of some 148 students who refused to denounce Christianity and their belief in The Messiah, Jesus Christ, is proof of how intolerant these indiscriminate militants are.

The Government of Kwa-Zulu Natal, led by Premier Senzo Mchunu and members of the provincial cabinet as well as the Church in Durban must be commended for their open denunciation of these actions. When they converged on the steps of Durban’s City Hall on Thursday to denounce these activities, our leaders reaffirmed what is enshrined in our Constitution. As a people who advocate for a non-violent society we must show our solidarity to those worldwide communities who suffer injustices of religious and other intolerance. We cannot remain silent while our African brothers and sisters are tortured and tormented.

Mrs S Thakur Rajbansi stated that, Premier Mchunu must also be commended for appointing former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prof Navi Pillay, to lead a high-powered panel to investigate the killings of foreign nationals in SA. The Minority Front applauds these efforts and commits to supporting pro-peace initiatives and prays that the human spirit too, believe in a God, supersedes all forms of physical assault but our government must protect their citizens by tightening security in places of worship and our institutes of learning or we cannot call ourselves truly “free.”

Jonathan Annipen
Minority Front

Featured image: Jonathan Burton

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