True friendship: Meeting of Sri Raam & Hanumanji

Diwali / Deepavali is a time to reflect on the Vedic wisdom of the Ramayan. One relationship stands out; that of Sri Raam and Hanumanji. Sri Raam and Lakshman went out in search for Devi Sita as she was kidnapped. While looking for met Shabri who told them to seek help from Sugriv the king of the monkeys. News had reached Sugriv that there are 2 young men coming this way, they could be spies of your brother Bali. At this moment, Sugriv asked Hanumanji to disguise himself and find out who are these 2 young men and what is the reason for them coming here.

On their way to Rishyamukh mountain Sri Raam and Lakshman meet a Brahman. They ask himhow they can meet king Sugriv. The Brahman tells them that he is the family priest for King Sugriv. The Brahman goes on to ask them who they are and why do they want to meet king Sugriv. Lakshman says that we are the sons of Dasrath, the king of Ayodhya, I am Lakshman, and this is my brother Sri Raam. Hearing these words, the Brahman fell to the feet of Sri Raam. Sri Raam embraced him, and the Brahman showed his true form as Hanumanji. Hanumanji finally met Sri Raam, that Raam who he has been hearing about from childhood. Hanumanji made them both sit on both his shoulders and took them to king Sugriv.

The meeting of Sri Raam and Hanumanj iteaches us that although we may not know someone, there is no reason to be harsh and unkind to them. They might be facing some trouble and you could assist them in overcoming the situation. Just like the way Hanumanji played an important role in finding the whereabouts of Devi Sita, you too could be that ray of hope in someone’s life. Practice kindness, humility and spread love through all that you do.

We are living in times which are uncertain. Everyday someone is losing a loved one. They are unable to give them a proper funeral due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Let go of hatred and anger. Hold each other close in your hearts and closer in prayer.

Remember to support those who take care of your welfare. Stay true to the path of Sanathan Dharma. Have a blessed Diwali/ Deepavali.


Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

MPL KZN Legislature.

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