Matric Examination Well Wishes From The Minority Front

Posted on 22/10/2019

Dear Matriculants

On behalf of the Minority Front and as a member of the KZN Legislature, we wish you all success in the forthcoming matric examinations. My personal prayer for each of you is to use all past learning to do justice to each exam paper you write.

Your abilities will be measured by magnitude and quality not quantity, a mistake many a student commonly makes. It is only through years of experience of writing examinations that you learn, “Less is more”. Therefore, write what makes sense because on many occasions common sense and practical application is what is required, over and above some compulsory facts that you do need to memorise.

Remember, your health is your wealth, so exercise regularly with what you are comfortable with; listen to music or watch selected movies to relax from time to time but sleep well. Always visit your doctor and pharmacist if not well. Keep the flu away, hydrate yourself to manage the heat and take care of your eyes, teeth and general hygiene. Wear comfortable clothes, declutter your study area and have a clock on the wall and good lighting. Prayer is essential daily, whenever you sit to study, reflect on the Almighty and ask for strength to combat all challenges.

Finally, draw up a study time-table suitable to your examination time-table and including all other activities you will be engaging in to assist you in performing well. Take guidance from your mentors, teachers, parents and grandparents who want the best for you.

Matric is your final school-examination and is the gateway to higher education, so manage the next six weeks well and all the best.

Hon Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi
Leader of the Minority Front
KwaZulu-Natal Legislature MPL

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