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Posted on 08/03/2019

The Minority Front (MF) held a grand manifesto launch at the Rajput Hall, over the weekend.

The MF was established in 1993 on the principles for speaking up for the working class, marginalised, the poor and predominately, the Indian community.

The MF was pleased to announce its participation in the 2019 National and Provincial Elections. Since 1994, the MF has been represented in all levels of government and has made valuable contributions to the South African political landscape.

The party shared its contribution made since the last general elections. The party is stable post the challenging period since the demise of Mr Amichand Rajbansi and will present newly groomed candidates.

The MF held its National Conference in 2018 and Mrs Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi was re-elected leader.

As a party, their contributions in the KwaZulu-Natal legislature by way of debates and motions are unsurpassed.

They have experienced swelling support in areas that they have not traditionally worked in, which speaks of the party’s expansion and growth, post 2016.

The manifesto, this year, will focus on areas of youth empowerment, job creation, corruption, land reform, racism, housing, education, affirmative action, and health and social programme among other things.

The campaign will be led by Mrs Thakur-Rajbansi who has the full support of all members and branches, with many resolutions taken at their 2018 National Conference and these were endorsed by the National Executive Committee.

The MF is geared for a winning campaign and they believe that they will regain lost ground in both the KZN legislature and the National Assembly.

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