The Editor – The Post Newspaper He Was A Hero! Your Article “Cop Dies After Residents Block Arrest” Refers

Posted on 04/02/2016

The death of warrant office Lucas Kumkurren undoubtedly overwhelmed those who had subjective contact with him. His dedication to the South African Police Service remains to be seen amongst many of his younger counterparts. He was a loyal patriot to the cause of justice and an extraordinary individual. He has set a significant precedence and his, will be challenging to substitute. He will be fondly remembered for his no-tolerance stance against corruption, drug abuse and violent crimes.

The circumstances surrounding his death were tragic. Possibly even criminal. I am amazed that a community would essentially protect a lawbreaker. Normal societies rally to oppose injustices but it seems the group in question applauds such indiscriminate behavior. In my own opinion these folk lack conscience and conviction and deserve the social ills that befall them. They should never be taken seriously by a police officer again and should be blacklisted by all law enforcement agencies. Such agencies should rather consolidate efforts and priorities areas that are willing to support their crime curbing exertions.
W/o Lucas was known for promoting peace and justice, he may never have received a sterling commendation from the state commander in chief or may not have received any medals of recognition. He might not have been physically responsible for apprehending the unscrupulous perpetrator in this instance but he will also be evoked as a hero. A hero, for helping scores of families overcome addictions and encouraging rehabilitation, for saving marriages by inspiring counseling for domestic violence, for promoting anti-abuse against women and children. He devoted his life to the well-being of our society and for that he will permanently be a hero.
Jonathan Annipen


Minority Front

Youth Leader

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