Hope: The Healing Christmas Medicine

With so many people living in poverty and despair, this is my message of hope to all this Christmas. Now is the time to live your life on affirmations. If there’s less food, love, water, at least we must call upon the energy of our spirit soul, to feed our hunger, quench our thirst and do more to repair our wounds and reverse our sadness.

Our humanity was given by Almighty God, the only saviour we can rely on. In this world God has created each of us his vision. Sometimes people get blinded by all that glitters, yet “all that glitters is not gold”.

To those who are battling unemployment, abuse or neglect, remember ‘God helps those who help themselves’. The question then arises as to how can we, given our social and political situation, ever achieve prosperity and peace in our communities. We know that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has been a health war and may have been World War III as we have all lost near and dear ones. However, even Albert Einstein had once said that, “World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”. And if the recent violence is anything to go by, heaven forbid this may come true.

For me, this is really a very short life – so we must do what we truly care and makes our life worthwhile. As families, friends, community and government leaders, we need to always stay connected in heart to heart, human ways. Each one of us is a leader in our own right, either as a mother, father, teacher, priest, sibling or in the roles we play daily. Therefore, understanding the nature of our leadership roles and developing strong people’s skills should be the most important focus, currently.

Under conditions of great difficulty, that is: change, chaos, and uncertainty with water, food, light shortages and social upheavals, true leadership requires as government says ‘a social contract’ between leaders and followers, wherever we lead. The leader is responsible for enabling the best results through co-operation of shared power with good actions and intentions of people.

Women and children are most vulnerable with Gender Based-Violence (GBV) topping the social ills during COVID-19 lockdown. This again is a question of our morality. Women need to respect their body and love their life. Therefore, we must voice our rights and make correct choices to prevent hurt.

The Moral Regeneration Movement (MRM) a government funded programme should now be controlled by women: We need to set the agenda for the future of strong family systems, stronger than government’s. The shape a humane morality takes must destroy the inflicting of pain and suffering by one human on another. As humans, our self-interest needs to disappear from our thoughts because it is a question of our morality.

Yes, we live in an age of technology that connects us at the speed of light but disconnects us from each other physically. How contradictory, when we do not fully use all our five senses to connect and show that we are living, thinking and feeling human beings.

My message is clear and caring. All we need to first do is to turn to God and establish a secure connection with His Love. Then only will God’s energy flow

through each of us and spread in our communities like a “good” virus, making us warm, loving, caring, compassionate and deeply concerned about each other’s wellbeing. Stay blessed all and take care.



Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Leader of the Minority Front

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