Deputy Judge President KZN Interviews

Deputy Judge President KZN Interviews

Whilst the Minority Front remains committed to encouraging representatives of the bench, to ensure that people feel confident when approaching the court, I believe that the comments of the EFF leader were insensitive and unfounded.

It is unfortunate that Judge Gyanda, whose seniority and outstanding service to KZN is well recognized, was subjected to unacceptable questioning by the usually confrontational and radical Malema, who knows very little about the correct history of the rise of Indian indentured persons in South Africa.

The judge had every right to defend his merit over his race, since he is South African first.

In my considered opinion, his merit was not in question therefore he should still be in the running for the the deputy judge president position, along with any new candidates.

I believe that by Malema using the race card, he is discrediting the competency of black African  contenders , reducing the post to one of entitlement; yet I have  no doubt of the capabilities of many of these judges who have presided over my own matters.

There should be guidelines for politicians on legitimate questioning, 21 years into democracy who serve on the JSC, in the best interest and understanding of the separation of powers,  which will bode well for  public confidence.

Shameen Thakur Rajbansi
Leader of the Minority Front

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