Keeping Our Vedas Evergreen

Keeping Our Vedas Evergreen
In memory of the late Mr. A. Rajbansi – founder and leader of the Minority Front (1942-2011)

Prem Namaste,

We, as Hindus should take pride in the universal saying of humanity “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the world is one family” and importantly, the spiritual nature of life. In this regard, the Shree Sananthan Dharma Sabha of South Africa must be applauded in their efforts to train male and female priests, who greatly assist our communities.

We are taught that cultivating a giving nature by practising charity, as proclaimed in the Vedas, is one of the highest virtues for mankind. Therefore, we are expected to be charitable to gods, fellow man and other living beings.

Hence, promoting the advocacy of the five types of charity, namely the giving of food (ahara dhaan), medical care (aushadha dhaan), spiritual knowledge (gnana/vidya dhaan) and non-violence towards all beings (abaya dhaan) should be our duty. Simply put, the importance is from the last to the first type of charity. These books must be appreciated as part of an appropriate method to achieve these types of charity by the Shree Sanathan Dharma Sabha of South Africa.

The Minority Front supports these long awaited publications aimed at the propagation of our Sanathana Dharma which will clarify any inaccurate information and promote uniform prayer procedures backed by scripture. Always remember, the Rig Veda, “keeping the Vedas evergreen is the highest form of charity.

May all families read these books and benefit with understanding through generations.

Mrs. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Leader of the Minority Front

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