MF Leaders View On Kzn Budget 2015/2016

MF Leaders View On Kzn Budget 2015/2016

Mrs Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi, MF Leader said that the National budget 2015 clearly states “low investor confidence could hinder investment in South Africa this year, but businesses with strong balance sheets are expected to upgrade machinery and equipment and continue investing in fast-growing African market”.

She expressed concern that this challenge, is a case in point, why peace and stability is imperative in KZN.

Our economy, is a further bottleneck, structurally; together with a weak global outlook, making it difficult for KZN, given the equitable share of R99 billion.

What is needed urgently ,is the filling of critical posts in the KZN’s Planning Commission, with strategists who are leaders for advancement and planning advancement operations so that KZN can budget for sustainability.

The focus now should be for:

a.) Skills development and making proposals to the department of labour to obtain a large portion of the R87 Billion sitting in unused UIF funds,

b.) implementing existing policies and guiding departments on organisations redesign to watch reviewed mandates,

c.) Scanning the NGO sector for partnering together with Public Private and Public partnerships or joint venture with mixed sectors,

d.) Making proposals to local and international donors for key government projects,

e.) Massive training initiatives for public servants, entities, forums, boards, and councils which have been set up.

Mrs Rajbansi , stated that these recommendations made were in light of the major  budget allocation going to education of R42,2 billion and health R32 billion  and yet these departments were facing service delivery challenges.

She said , that the department of agriculture was undergoing major changes in policy outlook and reform and the youth should be looking at farming as a business career.

The schools transformation program offered many opportunities to the private or NGO sector or other departments such as Arts and Culture, Economic Development and  Agriculture, to utilize underutilised or vacant schools.

Department’s such as Social Development and Local Government have limited budgets with increasing demands and therefore communities need to become less dependent on social assistance.  With skills development and the vigilant use of water and lights, amongst other initiatives, a lot can be achieved.

However, Mrs Rajbansi said, that she has requested the MEC for Finance to come into areas like Phoenix and Chatsworth to run financial literacy programs, so that people understand the importance of saving and to do more with less.

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