Viresh Bhana

Viresh Bhana

Treasurer General

Cellphone: 076 393 0271


About Viresh Bhana

Viresh Bhana grew up in Phoenix and reside in Newlands West. He is married for 25 years and has two sons.

Viresh Bhana is an entrepreneur in the provision of soft services to the retail, industrial, hospitality and commercial organizations.

Viresh joined the Minority Front in 2010. He was interviewed and appointed as a Structure leader for Ethekwini Ward 37 (greater Newlands West) by the former Leader, the late Mr Amichand Rajbansi. Viresh represented Ward 37 as a candidate in the 2011 Local Government Elections.

In June 2016, Mr Bhana served as a councillor in the Ethekwini Municipality due to resignation of a former councillor. Mr Bhana was appointed as a candidate in the 2016 August Local Government Elections for Ethekwini Ward 37.

After the August Local Government Elections, Viresh was appointed as an Area Co-Ordinator for the Minority Front, Central Ethekwini branch. This includes geographic areas such as Effingham Heights, Avoca, Kenville, Sea Cow Lake, Parlock, Newlands West, Clare Estate, Reservoir Hills, Asherville and Cato Manor.

In 2018 Mr Bhana was appointed in the capacity of Treasurer General to the National Executive Committee of the Minority Front. This is the highest decision-making body of the Minority Front.

Mr Bhana is also responsible for the Human Resources and Marketing the Minority Front, the later to improve the supporter base. This strategy has yielded positive results that has resulted in engagement with the South Coast residents of Umzinto, Illovu and Port Shepstone.

Mr Bhana has been serving on the Board of Governors for the past 8 years for Hillgrove Primary and New West Secondary. He currently serves as the Chairman of the School Governing Board for New West Secondary. He also is a volunteer for the Diwali Hamper distribution organisation, Jyothi Jivnam Movement Society of South Africa and an advisor to the Hindu Youth Network of South Africa.

He represents you as an enthusiastic, younger generation of people actively and consistently involved in our communities. He brings in new energy and ideas to improve our communities.

We are a country with enormous expertise and knowledge. With financial prudence we can grow our economy and create employment opportunities especially for our youth.

He enjoys living in this beautiful country of ours and would be honoured and privileged to be a representative at a National or Provincial level of the South African Government.