Message of Encouragement 2022

Date: 30 January 2022

ATT: Pastor Julie

Christ Tabloid Newspaper

Deadline: 25th January 2022

Word Count: 500



The 2020 year brings fresh beginnings and feels like we are rising from the ashes. So, what must be our unique way to handle the aftermath of the COVID-19 disaster? For me, it means looking in the mirror on new year’s morning and turning the clock inside me manually to bring me to the “present”, the here and now!

I had made up my mind that this year my time is invaluable and will be spent on the things that matter and need attention. We have all chosen different paths in life and only we can change the things within our control. We need to make positive changes that will help us and others we need to take care of.

This means in 2022, its all a matter of an attitude inspired by faith and courage. Nothing must be too much to handle because changing our attitudes will change our life, must be our daily mantra.

Peace of mind will bring peace in our community which needs a leap in personal evolution. Good conduct is key to moral regeneration. This requires powerful character where each person is valuable to teach others through good thoughts, words and deeds.

My belief is that we are all achievers and my heart goes out to our matriculants and tertiary graduates where right choices in careers and work life means all of us can be achievers. This is simply about being model human beings who strive for self-discipline, dedication to duty and commitment to clean and virtuous living.

For leaders in all organizations, it’s time to focus complete energy in moral leadership principles of fairness, equity, justice, integrity, peace and strong institutions. In this way the people who follow such leaders can progress based on their potential which changes their behavior and capacity. This will achieve a capable country.

If there was ever a time we as South Africans can understand how interdependent we are, it’s now. COVID-19 has taught us to collaborate, both the public and private sectors, person to person at an individual level; thus joining forces to solve our toughest problems. We need to forge strong relationships, up, down and across organizations and in families. Building of collaborative culture gives the advantage of sharing informal knowledge too.

The July 2021 riots is behind us but we’ve learnt to manage conflict wisely as communities. Most important it has taught us when not to collaborate if we want peace.

On concluding we should be aware that as a country we have 8 years left to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Read up on these goals and challenge yourself to work towards our country achieving even one of the goals that you are passionate about. This is the right way going forward and will bring harmony and prosperity to all. This year in the Chinese calendar is the year of the Tiger and our benevolent Lord will shower us with enormous energy and strength to accomplish our dreams. Stay blessed all.

Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Leader of the Minority Front

KZN Legislature MPL

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