MF Leader Wishes Public a Safe Festive Period

MF Leader Wishes Public a Safe Festive Period

Minority Front leader, Mrs Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi wishes the public a safe festive period and is happy to see that there is an integrated festive season law enforcement plan in place, for the best interest of the public.

She further said and encouraged that strengthening of mobile police stations with more vehicles, offices and working phones for the public which can help ease. “The loss of innocent lives in our Province, and the findings with reasons for the many deaths on our roads, should be reported back.”

Mrs Rajbansi stated that CPF members need to be paid and people cannot remain volunteers without remuneration whilst the Department’s budget is not optimally spent.

She also emphasised that there are many good police men and women; and the department should invest in their health and retirement packages because they do work under stressful conditions.

“The MF wishes all transport and security officials well over the festive period, thanking them in advance for our safety, and the public to obey all rules for their safety”, she said.

Mrs Rajbansi , wished everyone a safe and happy Christmas and new year.

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