Message: School Of Classical Dance and The Holistic Benefit To Students

Message: School Of Classical Dance and The Holistic Benefit To Students

I feel privileged to pen this message for Shriyukt School of Dance.

Indian classical dance is fast emerging as a workout regimen and inspiration to our students. With classical dance going beyond the physical, mental and emotional stimulation is also the greater benefit. In addition, dance imparts grace and a holistic perspective to life and living. We all are attracted to and enamoured with workouts associated with western dance forms, but as Indians are we aware of the fitness benefits of Indian classical dance?

Our dance forms transcends the mere physical dimension and offers much more in terms of personal growth, such as, improved cardiovascular and muscular functioning; improvement on all pillars of fitness (endurance, strength, mobility, flexibility and power); interconnectedness with the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realms); and better use of large and small muscle groups (feet, legs, arms, wrists, fingers, core, shoulder, neck and eyes).

When students dance either alone or in a group, by presenting themselves they have an opportunity to work on their inhibitions and gain confidence to express their art. As creativity is the soul of any art, through dance students are encouraged to imagine and move with their bodies and present their ideas through new means of communication. Their need to create and play is an inherent aspect in students and dance is one of the mediums through which one can access this. There is a sense of satisfaction, a sense of wonder, a world of imagination and creativity that arts bring to students and the audience as well. Mental well-being is therefore possible for everyone through the aesthetic value of dance as a component of Indian culture and arts.

With these words, I would like to extend my good wishes to the Principal of Shriyukt School of Dance, Mrs. Aradhana Lutchman, for the excellent work she is doing and for her school’s future endeavours. I would also like to congratulate all dance students on their achievements and encourage them to continue upholding our Indian culture, through the dance art form of our devas and devis.

Happy 10th Anniversary Shriyukt School of Dance!

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