MF Leader on the Importance of Satsangh

MF Leader on the Importance of Satsangh

The importance of satsangh was pointed out Mrs. Rajbansi and she emphasised the synergy satsangh provides for body, mind and spirit.

She mentioned that people from all over the world who know different languages participate in the singing of bhajans, which is the repetitive chanting of a word or a verse. Mrs. Rajbansi added that both the left and right hemispheres of the brain get balanced and that the wandering mind comes back to the present moment and experiences a deeper dimension to life.

Members of the Thiru Murugan Kovil’s Dinner and Dance Fundraiser on Saturday at Padavattan Hall in Crossmoor

“As sound is energy, the nervous system responds to the sounds and vibrations of ancient Sanskrit chants. These sounds also rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. The universe consists of rhythms, and when such sounds are in harmony, there is music. Non-harmonious sounds create chaos, said Mrs. Rajbansi.

She said that the effect of rhythm or harmony in life makes the heart blossom; and this contributes to humanism. “The rhythm takes us back to our source (God). Satsangh expands our awareness about the absolute truth. Satsangh can meet any limiting belief or life situation that opposes this and inhibits living freely, she said.

Mrs. Rajbansi reminded devotees that whether we honour the Supreme through the myriad forms for festivals such as Kavady, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Krishna Janmashtami, Shivrathri, Purtassi, etc., all we are doing is exalting this Energy, and, preparing our energy to ultimately merge into that, after all we are all seekers of the truth and liberation.

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