Debate on the Norway and Uganda Study Tour Visit

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  1. Hon. Speaker, the Minority Front thanks the Hon. Madlopa, Chair of the Premiers Portfolio Committee, for this detailed report on 2 countries which are passionate about culture and celebrate their iconic figures especially their monarchy.
  2. At home, the Zulu and Xhosa monarchies are key to unlocking the cultural economies of S.A and the Premiers committee must do benchmarking exercises from such studies to advance socio-economic transformation.
  3. It is further hoped that some lessons from the communication strategy and structures should be adapted and integrated to what we currently have. We know that a key result area for good governance is the measurement of good communication based on the lack thereof which results in rising protests.
  4. Of interest was the Parish Development Model (PDM) which needs to be pursued. The PDM seven pillars of production, storage, processing and marketing, infrastructure and economic service, social services, mindset change, parish based management information system and governance and administration which are a government and governance approach for effective public service delivery and suits KZN’s agrarian potential.
  5. This PDM is linked to Uganda’s National Development Plan 3 and similarly we must revise S.A’s NDP 2030 to incorporate this for rural development.
  6. Finally, through my studies on reducing MMR or Maternal Mortality ratio to meet our SDGs 2030, I found that Uganda had massively decreased maternal deaths because it cares for its mothers in creative ways and accreditation processes.
    Furthermore, Norway classifies their minorities into groups, ie: indigenous peoples, national minorities and immigrants and can learn from S.A about our approach to the Koi San and other minorities, as we can learn from them to ensure that all countries do more to address minority rights as human rights.
  7. Thank you.


Debated by: Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority Front Leader (KZN Legislature)

Date: Thu 28 Sep 2023

Time: 09:00

Word Count: 291 Words

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