Debate on the ACDP Party Motion

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  1. Hon. Speaker, I thank the Hon. Manqele of the ACDP for this debate.
  2. Hon. MEC of Safety and Security, one third of the 2022 year murders were in KZN.
  3. The MF has long stated our concern about how conducive KZN has become to harbour illegal, dangerous persons.
  4. Therefore, Hon. MEC, given the daily newspaper reports on hijackings, kidnappings, farmer-murders, rapes, drug-dealing and other forms of organised crime, the Minority Front requests an executive report, as soon as possible on what steps the department is taking in reducing these crime statistics.
  5. Its about time we have dedicated toll-free lines for citizens to report death-threats and other organised crime-related information. There is definitely a rise in mafias of all kinds in KZN. We have to send a strong message that KZN is not your home. We need strong collaboration with the NIA, metro-police and SAPS.
  6. Hon. Speaker, it is absolutely necessary given what’s happening internationally that KZN and South Africa do not get a bad name as a country which is a safe-haven for organised crimes. We must re-shape our foreign policy and strengthen border and port control.
  7. These syndicates will look for a country like S.A that has infrastructure and resources to set base and terrorise the rest of Africa.
  8. The danger is there for everyone to see, the local people will be the soft-targets, warm-bodies that will be used by those syndicates given our high rate of unemployment. The MF recommends a sheriff system for rural areas.
  9. KZN and S.A has to be tough on crime and become pro-development and look after local economic interests first with home-grown, indigenous businesses.
  10. The MF supports this motion with these recommendations.
  11. Thank you.


Debated by: Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority Front Leader (KZN Legislature)

Date: Thu 28 Sep 2023

Time: 09:00

Word Count: 287 Words

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