Press Statement On Launch Of New Political Party

The Minority Front welcomes the establishment of this newly formed political body. Any organization that sets out to assist the marginalized and down-trodden must be graciously welcomed.

However, the success of new formations will be determined by the ever changing political climate with the republic. The political landscape and other dynamics have drastically changed since the first local government election and the electorate seems to have built a surmountable degree of trust in seasoned parties and politicians.

In addition, these newly formed agencies often seek to employ candidates who already have some training in older political parties, this isn’t always advantageous.  One must remember that if an individual lends enough credibility to an organization it will be hard to let go of such an individual. Therefore when such politicians make promises to new political entities one must question why weren’t they able to do the same in their previous organizations. So it is important to engage persons who have a proven track record of service delivery, who have made sufficient impression in so far as their responsibility, loyalty, diligence and subordination are concerned. Older parties don’t just hand out free seats and career opportunities. We look for skill and those who have a passionate humanitarian call.

Newer parties will have huge challenges if their candidates are spoils from political disintegration and wars.  Politics is not an easy way to make money. While we welcome this new political organization we must send a clear message, the MF has supported minority communities and the Indian community even before the dawn of democracy, we have a history that is strong and we are not intimidated. We specialize in bread and butter politics and not ideologies. This is what will make us successful in this Local Government Election

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