Learner Refused Admission For No School Fees

Learner Refused Admission For No School Fees

When Zakir Rajak was told that his daughter would not be granted admission into grade R at a local school, because he was unable to pay the R500 registration fee, the unemployed father had lost all hope that his daughter will go to school in 2016.

“I didn’t think that my daughter would go to school this year. It is difficult without a job and no one wants to lend R500 to a person who does have an income. When the principle told me that there is place at the school but my daughter wouldn’t be admitted without the payment I was disappointed”, said the disturbed father.

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Father Zakir Rajak, Cassidy Rajak and Jonathan Annipen

Advised by a local activist, Rajak sought assistance from Minority Front Youth Leader Jonathan Annipen. Annipen allayed his fears by communicating with officials to ensure that the child is not denied access to education. The young political aspirant encouraged Rajak to seek exemption of fees given his current employment status.

Annipen said “I contacted Evangelist Naven Lulmund who chairs the structure responsible for School governing bodies and thanks to his swift response we had discussed this matter in detail. The school was contacted and the admission was finalized.” Jonathan Added that parents must be aware of these processes but warned against taking advantage of these concessions.

“Parents who are in need to this assistance can visit my office and we will help genuine cases, but parents must do the responsible thing and contribute to their children’s education. Our schools face server financial constraints and non-cooperation from parents doesn’t help the situation,” he said.

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