Minority Front Encourages Voter Registration For 2019

Minority Front Encourages Voter Registration For 2019

Priyanka Nunkumar, the newly elected NEC member of the Minority Front feels strongly about the importance of voter education. She stated that; a lack of voter education and registration can lead to a widespread of political apathy and low voter turnout. This therefore undermines the trust and legitimacy of our democracy. The legitimacy of democracy is derived from the participation of engaged citizens. Educating people about their voting rights and how to exercise it is therefore of great importance.

Every citizen should exercise their right to cast a vote in an election. After all, voting is your only free right. People like our late leader Mr Amichand Rajbansi fought very hard for this right to be heard and more importantly exercised so that the voter has a say in social,political and economic matters, thus ensuring the best administration for future generations.

It is important to vote not because it is a fundamental right but because it is in all intent and purpose a fundamental duty of the citizens of our country. If we do not vote we are going against the spirit of democracy which we fought for. If we do not vote, we lose all the right to say anything when the government fails it’s people or criticise government policies.

The Minority Front therefore, urges all South African citizens,especially the youth to register to vote in the 2019 National and Provincial elections.

Priyanka Nunkumar
Minority Front
NEC Member

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