Good Friday Celebration Message 2018

Good Friday Celebration Message 2018

Good Friday is celebrated by Christians around the world. Since it signifies the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, it is an important time for Christians as they remember that the son and prophet of God almighty took the form of a man that was born in a manger, lived the life in a human vessel and ultimately died on the cross of carvery for the sins of all mankind.

He demonstrated the mighty and power of God through the many signs and wonders that were performed. His birth was a very ordinary one but his life was very extra ordinary and his death solidified his legacy that he left on the earth.

Jesus Christ demonstrated the love of God during the time that he was on earth and performed many miracles which were thought of as impossible. He became the most famous Rabbi and his works are recorded in the Holy Bible (New Testament), however his birth was predicted in the Old Testament.

Minority Front Good Friday Celebration Message 2018

Although the world has many religions and cultures many of them have hear of the saving power and grace of the lord Jesus Christ, even the most remote nations of the earth have heard that name once in that lifetime.

Jesus declared that if you have seen him, you have seen the father (referencing God almighty) which teaches us that he is from heaven and should be recognized as a heavenly being. At the present time most of the world’s populations consider themselves and Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) which tell us of the impact that Jesus made during his time on earth.

This Easter let us remember the goodness of God as we see him represented through our lord Jesus Christ.

Let us pay reverence to his mother and all those who supported his teachings.

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