Interview with Deen TV

Posted on 06/05/2014

DEEN TV – CPT 5th May 2014, Monday

  1. Good Day to viewers.
  2. The MF stands for meaningful co-operation and peaceful co-existence.
  3. The MF was formed by our Late leader, Mr A. Rajbansi; based on the universal value systems of the UN.
  4.  On the 20th year of democracy the MF wants:
    • Establishment of Minorities Ministry
    • Establishment of Minorities commission.
    • Grants to be increased to R2000 and new grant for widows.
    • The re-instatement of the death penalty.
    • The scrapping of Affirmative and university quotas.
  5. The MF is proposing for accountability and good governance.
    • An alternate oversight mechanism in Parliament not designed by Parliament.
    • A value-chain model for citizen participation in all departments.
    • Politics to be introduced in schools as a subject .
  6. Corruption and crime is making S.A lawless and every leader must sign a leadership creed to enter Parliament to minimise corruption and uphold Rule of Law.
  7. Housing requires a different strategy like co-operation housing.
  8. Healthcare needs efficiency measures and more professionals ; hence , SA needs to have more medical schools and nursing colleges.
  9. Education needs public-private partnerships , more faith based schools and universities of diverse offerings and FET colleges for vocational training for youth.
  10. Jobs in S.A need to be sustainable and policies need drastic change geared for full employment .
    The MF recommends ; improving labour  market skills and wage , labour costs responsive to local market conditions.
  11. The power and effectiveness of the Minorities lies in our united vote and minorities have held the balance of power many times but MF has never entered into alliance with any other party.
  12. The MF is relevant . Together we can save ourselves.
  13. JFK said: our task now is not to fix blame on the Past but fix the course of the future.
  14. Thank you – Vote MF ALL THE WAY on MAY 07th.

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