The Sunday Times, Letter To The Editor : Will The Justice System Fail us AGAIN???

Posted on 27/11/2014

The editor
The Sunday Times
Will the justice system fail us AGAIN???
Only three months after a woman, guilty of killing her new born baby, was given a slap on the wrist and sent out of court, a 55 year old granny appears in the Chatsworth Magistrates court for the ignominious murder of her 2 year old foster granddaughter. The little girl had her limbs and neck broken and other gross injuries. It was evident that the little baby was exposed to methods of extreme torture.
 Media reports indicate that pleas for help, by concerned community members, were made to child-line and welfare groups but obviously ignored. This is the kind of apathy from social departments that leads to heinous crimes with irreparable consequences.  Again, the global world has reason to criticize us for not being able to act on time and address preventable deaths.
The integrity, authenticity and quality of our courts are questionable but judicial system in this country has an opportunity to redeem itself. The police must put all their efforts into ensure that justice is served and that children in this country can rest assured that their safety and security is a priority.
A mother of five relegated her child to nothing but rubbish, by placing him into a refuse bag and discarding him to the elements without any second thought or concern, today she yet walks streets freely. Weeks later this dastardly discovery of a 2 year olds gruesome murder!
Will there be redemption or will the justice system fail us again???
Jonathan Annipen

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