Hospice Article 12/06/2018


The Msunduzi Hospice focuses its services for people with various illnesses, thus helping the community. Although the services provided are free of charge, they are not a 24 hour service, said Warren Oxfordhuggart CEO of Msunduzi Hospice in PMB.

The leader of the Minority Front, Mrs Shameen Thakur Rajbansi said, “we express our gratitude to organizations like Hospice; we admire the work that they do and encourage our people to contribute by cash donations but also to come together as one and give off their time, as these are the main challenges that are faced daily by Hospice. The Hospice chooses patients regardless of race, gender, creed, and we support the work that they do.”

The Minority Front is will be conducting research in all areas and aspects of daily life to educate our people on real life problems that we are facing daily. All research will be conducted by our appointed researcher Miss Daksha Mothilal, who is currently a PhD field worker. The research conducted will purely be of benefit for every South African and to educate our people. The Minority Front believes that this is a vital aspect when making important decisions within our country. Research on this article was conducted via an interview with CEO of Msunduzi Hospice Mr Warren Oxfordhuggart.

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