MF Leader Explains Health Referral System

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Mrs Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi, MF Leader has served on the health portfolio committee since 1999. Mrs Rajbansi stated that the community must be aware of the health services provided by the department and how to access these.

Primary Health Care Services:

Primary Health care services are rendered at community /household level and in fixed clinics and include the promotion of health and prevention of illness, as well as curative and rehabilitative services.

Hospital Services:

District hospitals render services at a general practitioner level, while provincial hospitals render hospital services at a specialist level. Specialised hospital render specialised hospital services for patients with TB, psychiatric illness and those patients requiring long-term or chronic step down /rehabilitative care.

Tertiary and central hospitals render tertiary, central and quaternary hospital services at specialist level. Central and tertiary hospitals provide facilities and expertise for sophisticated medical procedures.

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