The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – MF Leader Calls For Peace

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – MF Leader Calls For Peace

Our former President, Madiba, spoke out unconditionally against human rights abuses in the world. In fact, he described the Gaza blockade by Israel as “one of the worst human rights violations in the world today.” I can only imagine what he would have said had he been alive to witness the cluster bombing of Palestinians by the Israeli forces.

The late leader of the MF, Mr A. Rajbansi was vocal in his condemnation of human rights violations by Israel in Palestine. He called for a sovereign and free Palestine via a peaceful negotiated settlement and the MF repeats that call today.

It remains sad that people are dying on a daily basis due to a conflict which can be resolved through dialogue. It is more disheartening to know that our brothers and sisters in Gaza are being killed and are under siege during the holy fasting month of Ramadan. May God in His Glorious mercy protect them and give them hope.

The United States is called upon to take a stronger stand in this matter and to call the warring parties to book. Hamas, which Israel blames for the carnage, is an organisation which can be called to the negotiating table via its supporter countries. Israel likewise can be brought to the negotiating table via the United States. Peace in this region is now paramount due to the civilian toll. The world is in shock at the human fatalities which includes little babies, children and woman. The world did not remain silent when South Africa needed their help during the dark days of apartheid and the world must now stand united against the carnage in Palestine. This is no longer a Jew versus Muslim issue, but a human rights issue and the Minority Front urges the international community to view it as such.

A negotiated settlement in which Jew and Muslim and Christian can live peacefully side by side in Israel and Palestine will result in the sunshine being let into the darkness which engulfs their homes today. We can assure both Israel and Palestine of this since our nation was saved from a brutal civil war, by amongst others our late President Mandela. Our Truth and Reconciliations Committee should be an inspiration to Israel and Palestine to come to the negotiating table to discuss a solution to their problems.

I urge Israel to take a more responsible route than collective punishment against the Palestinians. Your slaughter of innocent civilians through your collective punishment policy is unacceptable. Your concerns about military infractions by Hamas remain in the view of many a valid concern, but the resultant action on your side is simply unacceptable to the world.

Our call to Israel is to stop the carnage and consider a negotiated settlement to the conflict which has raged on time immemorial. Please stop the carnage.

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