Diwali Message: Learning From Lord Rama’s Problems

Diwali Message: Learning From Lord Rama’s Problems

We all cannot escape our grahas or karmas; we can lighten these by preparing our souls for moksha or a better rebirth. Diwali and the Ramayan teaches us these important lessons. As a purana purusha or ancient person, Lord Rama was also subject to trials and tribulations. The lesson here is that with time, everybody succumbs to the effects of Lord Shani, and Lord Rama too was not spared. Therefore, we must change negativity to positivity daily, like Lord Rama did.

Lord Rama had excellent astrological placings, but he still suffered numerous hurdles. Being born with the proverbial “silver spoon”, in his young days he had everything, and then fate or luck turned totally against him forcing him to give up everything. The onset of the Lord’s malefic period which stopped his coronation to Raja Dasarath’s throne, and Mother Kaikeyi’s objections, showed his ideals as an obedient son by stepping aside instead of embracing this glory.

When Lord Vishnu’s curse by Maharishi Narada was realised and fell on Lord Rama, this caused a lot of pain for him and Mother Sita. The commencement of Lord Rama’s aranya-vasa or stay in the forests was undertaken amidst lots of troubles but still he befriended everyone. The Lord lived with them and offered a sympathetic ear to their difficulties and alleviated their suffering at every turn.  He showed compassion to Jatayu which teaches us the sacred virtue of protecting the weak and oppressed.

Lord Rama never complained, even when facing problems, he nevertheless went ahead with a positive frame of mind facing much adversity. He showed us how to be a dutiful son, good ruler, good brother, loving husband and ideal guru to his disciples.

Diwali Message: Learning From Lord Rama’s ProblemsDuring this Diwali, let us be reminded that our fate lies in our hands, therefore a poor person can change their fortunes and circumstances and the reverse is true for rich people. Therefore, God does not choose between the rich and poor but remains with those who choose to remember him.

The Minority Front wishes all a blessed Diwali. Use fireworks safely and care for the needy.

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