MF Leader Attends Ganesh Utsav

MF Leader Attends Ganesh Utsav
Mrs. S. T. Rajbansi at the Ganesh Utsav on Friday, 25 August 2017

Mrs. Rajbansi spoke of the spiritual lessons to be learned from the stories of Lord Ganesha and that these have significance in our everyday professional and personal lives.

She spoke of the important lesson for us to destroy selfishness and pride and that Lord Ganesha represents success and is the destroyer of evils and obstacles in Man. With the Lord being the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride, this teaches us that when we become successful persons, we must destroy vanity, selfishness and pride, added Mrs. Rajbansi. The example of the coconut was used by Mrs. Rajbansi, by comparing its rough outside and the pure white on the inside to our prayers, which should teach us the ability to destroy the roughness of our exterior and guide us to aspire towards purity of mind and heart.

The emphasis should be on removing the destructive ego that tarnishes our physical human shape. She focused on the symbolism of the Lord’s trunk, and spoke of the left-sided and right-sided position of the idol and the spiritual powers that it brings to devotees.

Mrs. Rajbansi briefly touched on the symbolism of the physical features of the Lord and stated that these teach us to transcend our physical attributes which impacts on our potential to embrace and ultimately reach the spiritual realm.

Mrs. Rajbansi wished all Hindus, a fruitful Ganesha Utsav for the next two weeks. May Lord Ganesha remove our obstacles and give us wisdom in thought and speech.

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