Easter Lessons: Jesus Left For The World

Seven hundred years before Christ, the prophet Isaiah had written about a future Messiah, who would suffer and die for our sins, but later be restored to life. Echoing the prophecy in Isaiah 53, Jesus claimed that he was the Messiah who would be betrayed, arrested, condemned, spit upon and killed. But then three days later he would come back to life. Exactly as Jesus predicted, eyewitnesses reported that he was betrayed by one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot. Then in a mock trial under the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate, he was condemned, scourged, kicked, spat upon, brutally whipped, and finally crucified on a wooden cross. Everything Jesus taught and claimed depended on his resurrection from the dead. If Jesus didn’t rise as he promised, his message of forgiveness and hope for eternal life would be meaningless. Jesus was putting his words to the ultimate test of truth. We are shown through this act of Jesus that betrayal will come from those that are closest to you. We can explain things in the simplest manner but it depends on another’s mind and how does one receive the message. Ultimately Jesus shows us that with love, faith and truth; one can face all the odds and rise above it all. We are spiritual beings and we are here to purify our souls with God’s love, so that when we leave, our soul soars to God’s abode.

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