MF Pushes For RDP Housing


MF Representatives, Mr P Koblall and Ms SS Budhayee Do Home Visits to Motivate for RDP Housing Applications

Having a home to go to at the end of a day is a dream of every citizen of this country. However, not everyone is in a position to have their home. This is a basic necessity. Many families are forced to live on the streets, police stations and such places. The Minority Front has always made sure that citizens have their basic needs to get through each day. This is done through hamper drives, distributing of diapers, sanitary packs and assisting with applying for the RDP houses provided by the government.

In the past few months, many families had come to the MF offices requesting assistance for a RDP house. The MF staff and representatives have done the caseworks and the necessary interviews. They caseworks forms were handed to the Housing department and officials from the Housing department are attending to these.

Applicants stated that; “It is their wish to have a home of their own. It is difficult to live in a wendy house with my entire family. My kids are no longer small where we all can sleep together on one bed. There’s no proper bathroom facilities for us. Due to the heavy rains in the past, the wendy house leaks. It moves with the wind while we are inside. I am grateful that the MF is assisting us in every possible way.

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