MF Leader Celebrates Father’s Day With Senior Citizens

MF Leader Celebrates Father’s Day With Senior Citizens

Mrs. S.T. Rajbansi seen at the Cato Manor Senior Citizens

Minority Front Leader, Mrs. S. T. Rajbansi, said the role of a father, traditionally seen as a provider and guide for children, has significantly changed in the family culture of today. In this present time with most parents working, fathers have become more involved in children rearing and sharing of domestic obligations.

The father-child relationships today have seen a cultural change in strengthening these bonds and also on the emotional development of children and the building of stronger family bonds, said Mrs. Rajbansi. Often, mothers have been regarded as the sole nurturer of children, and the role of fathers have been relegated to a secondary status in comparison. But a father is just as important for a child as the mother is. She said that mothers are the heroines of child rearing; the father is the hero in the development and emotional well-being of a child. Children depend on their fathers for their spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and social well-being. Mrs. Rajbansi stated that for a daughter, a father is the ideal man in the world and also the first man they adore, while for a son, a father is an idol and the strongest man they aspire to emulate.

Fathers assist their children in developing a sense of competence, security, and self-control. It is said that there are basically two poles that fathers should try to avoid: the pole of detachment, leaving all child rearing issues to mom; and the pole of pushiness, over-demandingness, and intrusiveness.

Mrs. Rajbansi mentioned that our scriptural injunctions are clear on the role of the father: in Manusmriti 2/145, “A father is 100 times more important than a religious teacher; in Majma al zawaid v 8, The Holy Prophet said: “The best thing a father provides to his child is good manners and ethical training,” and in Ephesians 6:1-4, “Honour your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise.” Therefore, she emphasised the need for us all to honour not just our mothers, but our fathers also, and equally too.

Mrs. Rajbansi wishes all father’s a happy Father’s day.

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