MF Tackles Housing crisis

Minority Front

The Minority Front has designed an innovative way to address the housing crises that is being faced by thousands of individuals.

Speaking about the project MF Leader, Mrs. S.T. Rajbansi said “for years now the MF has argued that the problem is not only resources and application but majorly administrative. Since the dawn of democracy the MF has called for a housing list and a home owners register to be developed. This way we would be able to determine those who have owned homes before as well as understand the demographics related with providing housing. A home owner register will also help with understanding the needs of the community as it expands in population. The Housing list will assist in determining who requires home and allow the state to keep accurate records of who is being given a house so that housing isn’t duplicated.”

MF Councilor, Jonathan Annipen said “the Party had designed a Questioner to assist the Department of Human Settlements with critical Information that they would require when determining the most needy persons deserving a house. People can visit our offices and complete a Questioner. It requires specific Information  which is captured then returned to the Department of Human Settlements. It will then be the responsibility of the Department of Human Settlements to process this information and provide homes.”

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