Freedom Day Celebrations Speech

Freedom Day Celebrations Speech

Freedom  Day

South Africa is still a maturing democracy. She needs to become a successful African state, the rule of law and an accountable government. Combining these three  institutions in a stable balance, SA is capable of achieving this miracle of modern politics, just like we achieved the miracle of a peaceful transition of power in 1990.

Currently  our political freedom is threatened by political decay but the legislature  and government departments are human institutions and are charged with great  difficulty, of ever expanding “un-freedoms”.

Good  politics means that our people must enjoy freedoms “in” and “for” all  opportunities, as envisaged in NDP2030.

Both  economic and political freedom are interdependent because for SA to proper and reduce inequality, we need astute political decision-making.

SA is only mid-way to being a developmental state. Somehow in the last few years, this process has stalled in key areas such as, State institutional capacity, eg. a strong and competent bureaucracy; support for the national  entrepreneurial class and peace, political stability, rule of law and predictability in government business.

The AU, the APRM, NEPAD, SADC, industrial policy, investment in research and a clear foreign policy needs strengthening. One question remains on global  economic freedom for us, why not the BRICCS with another C, Cuba, let’s move  forward on this.

SA’s re-invention, needs concrete focus on anticorruption efforts. We should have a round-table organised, to start including minorities in a positive manner and allay the fears of the youth through the five instruments of freedom for  individual and nation development. As Madiba stated, SA has still got many  more hills to climb and each one of us needs to do our share.

Thank  you

Shameen  Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority  Front

MPL  KZN Legislature

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