MF Leaders Views On Gender Violence

MF Leaders Views On Gender Violence

Mrs S. Thakur –Rajbansi  addressed parliament during the 16 days of activism in December 2014 and stated that there is a high correlation between gender violence and poverty and or inequality.

Unfortunately, women and children bear the brunt of male domination but the government must, intervene in empowering the “girl child” and women, with education and skills.

Children , as per the Children’s Act , have many rights but the obligations of parents have to be strongly legislated and monitored ; especially neglect or responsible care , if parents are working.

The business sector has to seriously act, in terms of child care facilities at the workplace , which would prevent a lot of the dangers faced by vulnerable , defenceless children out in the care of so-called , “ trusted people”.

Mrs Rajbansi , motioned Parliament for the creation of more deserved grants to develop society , such as , full care-givers grant , widows , pregnant mothers and unemployed youth grants until South Africa gets a total , comprehensive social security  reform policy where there is a transfer of risks from individuals to groups with financing by wealth redistribution via taxation.

Community activism is encouraged but more community based organisations or Ngo’s need to be formed , to deal with current social –ills and these must be funded by relevant departments. Mrs Rajbansi , addressed Parliament on the State of the Province debate, in this regard.

Mrs Rajbansi stated ;acts of inhumanity robbed the soul of our nation and therefore , our mind-set has to change to positivism and creativity; embarking on activity that will build each human being , we come into contact with. She encouraged, people to report abuse to the police or child-welfare immediately , if it occurs in their neighbourhood.

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