Violence Is Not Our Heritage

Violence Is Not Our Heritage

As we approach the celebration of yet another National Heritage Day in South Africa, it is incumbent to conduct a self-introspection to determine what, exactly is our heritage – Particularly as South African Youth.

The recent spate of violent reactions by young people in schools and universities paints a galling picture of the caliber of persons we are. It is apparent from the behavioral patterns, that perhaps the only means attract the attention of officials is by burning buildings, stoning official’s vehicles, toppling rubbish cans and vandalizing the very places we call residence (Home).

It is the misconception that the “right” to education enables us to behave barbarically, without moral conscience or caution. Indeed, the era before us took to the streets and shed blood to archive the liberation that this generation to glibly takes for granted; however one must consider that the helm of that era’s agenda was the issues of fundamental education. Hence this kind of dysfunctional outbursts is a direct insult to those who fought feverishly to establish the privileges we enjoy today.

Violence has never featured on the agenda of those who seek emancipation from injustice. Only those who are complacent and demanding, those who feel deserving even without any investment, will see ti disrupt learning during such significant times in the academic year.

There is no justification for such actions and individuals that participate in such activities are not deserving of place or funding in state institutions.

Violence is not our heritage and society will be damned if we allow it to prevail.

Jonathan Annipen

Minority Front

Youth Leader

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